Why Choose Intercast?

Our leadership team has more than 125 years of combined experience in investment castings. We own our process and know how it can uniquely benefit our clients in achieving their business goals.

TOTAL COST REDUCTIONS Custom Supply Chain Programs

Operating as a maquiladora, offers location, world-class pricing, high quality and excellence in customer service. Intercast offers custom supply chain options to our clients that enable them to reduce total cost of ownership for their products. From Kanbans to managed inventory agreements, we strive to deliver the best value castings while preparing our clients for markets fluctuations.


Intercast provides an infinite choice of alloys with the flexibility for all configurations. We are able to design virtually any configuration or shape and produce the components as cast or finished machined. Do you have complex parts? If so, Intercast is up to the challenge.


In our business quality is everything. At Intercast we own our manufacturing process and never stop our quest to perfect your components while achieving ultimate efficiency. We have built a reputation of delivering quality castings, and unmatched customer service. Our team is dedicated to crafting the best components possible. Components our customers depend on. Allow us to demonstrate why we are step above the rest.

REDUCED LEAD TIMES Strategic Location Advantages

With locations in the United States & Mexico, Intercast is positioned to be a major supplier of investment castings. We have capabilities to produce low, medium, and high volume production runs consistently and fast than our competition, which means our clients get a steady, reliable flow of products for their business needs. In this fast-paced, need-it-now economy, Intercast remains focused on cutting lead times and delivering quality products at the lowest cost possible for our customers.


By adding on rapid prototyping to our key business offerings, this allows Intercast to provide sample castings faster and cheaper for our clients go to market strategy’s. We utilize QuickCast or SLA (Stereolithography) material technology to achieve the 3D printed pattern in which will be processed and casted. From the design to a functional prototype, it may be used in industries such as Aerospace, Consumer, Medical, Industrial, and Automotive. Rapid prototyping cuts costs as well as time!

Let's Build a Partnership

Contact Intercast today to begin the awesome journey of becoming one of our benefitting customers. Relationships don’t happen overnight. Intercast is here for the long haul, so you can put your trust in us.