Intercast is uniquely positioned as a North American foundry to produce industrial castings featuring complex geometries, intricate designs, that meet tight tolerance and specifications and who can deliver faster than the competition.

Our investment castings offer the advantages of close tolerances', excellent surface finish, and design flexibility. With that, Intercast is able to provide custom engineered components to a diversified industrial market, which often utilizes these components in an as cast state.

Our castings process offers affordable and reliable precision castings that can simply turn a three part fabrication or weldment, into one steel casting, thus eliminating unnecessary steps and saving money.

Intercast’s clientele in the industrial market benefits from Intercast because of our near net shape capabilities that alloy for functionality and strength.

Whether you need as cast components or finished machined parts, Intercast has solutions for every type of challenge.

Typical Applications

Typical parts we produce for our industrial clients include:

  • Knitting mechanisms
  • Wire clamp plates
  • Wire clamp wheels

  • Door closure systems
  • Pipe clamp units
  • Tying hooks

Let's Build a Partnership

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